Copping limited edition shoes are one of the most important tasks for sneaker collectors or businesses. The entire process of copping sneakers involves two main components. Sneaker bots, and dedicated sneaker proxies. In this blog, we will look at them in detail. Moreover, we will look at how they correlate with each other, and their benefits in copping shoes or sneakers.

Sneaker Bots:

Firstly, let us understand why we use sneaker bots. As the name suggests, sneaker bots are automated bots to cop sneakers. They allow a sure-shot way to pay retail price for new sneaker releases.

Dedicated Sneaker Proxies

Top shoe companies like Nike, Adidas, Reebok, Puma, etc. sell their limited-edition sneakers for a limited period only. Usually, the limited period can be as short as 30 minutes. The limited-time slot can be opened on their own apps or website or on retail platforms. For example, Shopify, Footlocker, Footaction, etc. So, Sneaker bots can help get these limited special edition sneakers.

Therefore, sneaker bots are tools that are automated to perform tasks to make sneaker purchases easy and quick. Sneaker bots can be installed as an application on your desktop or mobile.

However, the bots cannot work alone, they need sneaker proxies to assist them.

Dedicated Sneaker Bot Proxies:

If you are a sneaker collector and you use a sneaker bot, then you can buy just one limited-edition sneaker. Why? Because when you use your own IP address, the sneaker company will know your name. So, the sneaker company will allow you to buy only one sneaker. They use the rule, one customer per sneaker. Meaning you can buy only 1 sneaker with 1 IP address.

However, this is a drawback. Especially, when you need to buy multiple sneakers. Thus, it is good to use sneaker proxies to buy multiple sneakers.

Sneaker proxies are dedicated proxies or multiple IP addresses for sneakers. So, basically, the proxies enable you to integrate with your current bot (automated tool) and help to buy sneakers.

Thus, a collector can use the sneaker proxies to appear as multiple IP addresses. Meaning, the shoe company will see it as different people trying to buy multiple sneakers. So, the multiple proxies mask (hide) your real home or business IP address.

Therefore, the sneaker company will view it like different customers. Using different IPs from different locations. Whereas, in reality, there is just one main IP address (your IP address). Your IP is masked by multiple proxies to help you buy multiple sneakers at once.

Alpha VBox sneaker proxies can integrate with any reputable bot. For example, Nike Shoe bot, AIO (All in one) bot, Another Nike Bot, Better Nike Bot, Easy Copy Ultimate, Sneaker Bot 4 all and many more.

Benefits of using Dedicated Sneaker Proxies with existing bots:

There are many advantages of buying dedicated sneaker proxies from Alpha VBox.

  • Our Sneaker Proxies have SSL-encryption. Meaning, your identity is anonymous and private.
  • We offer the best dedicated proxies from our Data Centres in India and US.
  • Sneaker proxies optimize your sneaker bot’s performance. Thus, you can order sneaker bots to work for you with the help of sneaker proxies.
  • The speed of your bots will increase with our sneaker proxies, compared to your regular IP address.
  • Send multiple requests to high-authority e-commerce sneaker sites from multiple IPs.
  • Our sneaker proxies are alternate IP addresses that mask your main IP address.
  • You cannot be banned or blocked by the Sneaker servers when you use sneaker proxies. .
  • Our sneaker proxies are exclusively used for sneaker websites and sneaker drops.
  • We provide multiple legitimate proxies. Each proxy appears as multiple customers, from different locations and different IP addresses.
  • Our proxies have VPN qualities. Meaning users can enjoy anonymity and privacy with our robust sneaker server and proxies.
  • They also work with sneaker apps. For example, StockX, Nike SNKRS, Bump, Kixify, Shopify, etc.
  • Cop sneakers multiple times and enjoy uptime.
  • Use our proxies to pay for sneakers with multiple payment options.
  • We use multiple IP subnets for our proxies.
  • Also protect your browsing data and shopping habits online with dedicated proxies.

Therefore Alpha VBox offers the best-dedicated proxies for sneaker bots. Connect with our team to find out more.

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In addition, learn more about Alpha Vbox. Alpha VBox uses ESCROW for all transactions for the safety of our clients.


Where can I buy sneaker proxies?

You can buy sneaker proxies from Alpha VBox. We offer dedicated and exclusive proxies for individual and business use. We have a very flexible and affordable sneaker proxy plan. Whether you are a big-time collector or small-time enthusiast or a business, we have you covered.

How many proxies do you need for a sneaker bot?

In general, you will need 10 – 25 proxies for a sneaker bot. Alpha VBox sneaker proxies are easy to install and integrate with any sneaker bot. You can also switch between different IP accounts. So, cop sneakers quickly and safely with Alpha VBox dedicated proxies.

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